Mammal hunting

This week we had a special visitor to class… Miss Edwards brought her dog in with a mission for us to work out if he was a mammal or not. We made a checklist or what is required for an animal to be a mammal and then checked the dog.

He was a mammal!

All about the Titanic today!

This morning we spent our time using different resources to show our learning about the Titanic. We used the iPads to research, Lego to build 20 lifeboats for our Titanic small world, wrote facts that we know in the writing area, looked at our senses and what we can hear, see and smell and wrote postcards from Samson from our class book, Samson’s Titanic Journey.

The Great Fire of Allerton

The last couple of weeks have marked a special occasion in our learning. But today was even more unique. Today we saw… the Great Fire of Allerton!

We have spent time looking at Tudor houses, London in 1666, and why the Great Fire of London happened. But we couldn’t resist trying it out for ourselves.

We made our own Tudor hours and took them to the fire pit to see if we could recreate what happened almost 400 years ago…

Take a look at how it went…

Visit to the Free Little Library

Today we visited our new Free Little Library, just outside the main office. Maddie, our school councillor for 1RC, explain how to use our exciting new feature.

How to use the Free Little Library

1. If you like a book, you can take it. But please remember to bring it back when you are finished with it.

2. If you have any nice books at home that you would like to donate to the Free Little Library you can leave them neatly inside.

3. Please remember to lock it after using it.

4. Please don’t twist the handle.

5. Enjoy our fantastic new reading opportunity.

Blog Challenge: comment the name of the book you have borrowed and tell us what the story was about!

Year 1 and 6 carol singing

Today we joined forces with Year 6 for our carol service to parents and Mrs Stott. The children came in lovely festive jumpers and had huge smiles throughout!

A massive thank you goes out to all the parents and carers who showed up (and joined in with the singing). The children loved having you all there. I’m sure I even saw Luca and Isabelle’s adults singing without looking at the words!