Daily Challenges 31.3.20

Good morning all,

Todays challenge is all about noticing details. You need to look for the addition or subtraction signs as they are all jumbled up!

5 + 4 = ____

5 – 4 = ____

13 + 2 = ____

7 + 5 = ____

9 – 9 = ____

12 + 6 = ____

10 – 8 = ____

11 + 8 = ____

Writing challenge

I’ve had an accident, I was carrying my animal sentences in my suitcase but I dropped them. When I picked them up, they were all jumbled! Can you put my sentences in order please.

What Are Pet Animals, Domestic Animals And Wild Animals ...

fox The tail. long has a

Lions and strong are fierce.

yellow eagle The a has beak.

neck. has long A giraffe a very

really run can Cheetahs fast.

Let me know how you get on by email or in the comments below! 🙂
Have a lovely day!

4 thoughts on “Daily Challenges 31.3.20

  1. Hi Mr Cosgrove,

    Kara completed the maths challenge and managed to attempt 7 out of 8 during the timer, she got 6 out of 8 correct and we corrected the last 2 together 🙂

    Kara really enjoyed the Writing challenge and showed great confidence, she managed to write all sentences correctly 🙂

  2. Hi Mr Cosgrove, Sukhmani was a super number crucher and sentence sorter! She also tried some of the maths Miss Cooke sent a link for yesterday. Sukhmani enjoyed using some balls to make the groups and work out her answers. She impressed herself and me! Hope you are well.

    • What a superstar! It would be great if you could email some pictures of some of her work so we can celebrate her home learning.

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