Daily Challenges 24.3.20

Good Morning everyone

Arithmetic Challenge – Today’s challenge links to our previous learning about doubling.

Please use the 2 minute timer and answer as many questions as you can in that time. Remember, you can comment your score or any you found tricky in the comment section!
If these questions seem tricky to do mentally, try using a ‘number line’ from 0-20.


1 + 1 =

2 + 2 =

3 + 3 =

4 + 4 =

5 + 5 =

6 + 6 =

10 – 9 =

10 – 1 =

Next Step Challenge.
What do you notice about the answers to the addition questions?

6 thoughts on “Daily Challenges 24.3.20

  1. Hello! We are doing PE with Joe Wicks (you tube live session), would you like to share the link with the classes? Sukhmani tells me you have watched Joe at school previously (she’s doing better than me!)

    • That’s great! The children in school have been doing this daily, as well as some of the staff! I will add it to our Sports blog.

    • Hi Sukhmani and Mrs Deagon,
      It’s great to hear that you have been doing PE with Joe Wicks at home, I have been doing it with my children too! It can be strenuous some days, but it certainly helps me to feel happy and energised for the day ahead! Well done for staying active πŸ™‚

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